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English Assessment Proficiency Test

This practice test will help you become familiar with the Singapore Cambridge Proficiency Test, which consists of 3 timed subtests (Comprehension Cloze, grammar items and vocabulary).Read each question carefully and then choose the best answer. You may find it helpful to read all the possible answers before making a choice. Circle your chosen option clearly. After you have completed the questions, check your answers again.

NOTE: No dictionaries(or other test aids) are permitted during the test

English Assessment Proficiency Test

Section A-Comprehension Cloze
Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct

“Hello, Jill. How nice to see you here,” said Jack. “__1__ here often?” “Not as much as I’d like. I often used to meet my friends here, but now I live a long way away,” Jill explained. “In fact, it’s exactly three years __2__” “Well,” said Jack, “tell me what __3__ here today, then.” “Last week my mother had an accident in her car. She __4__ when it happened. Suddenly a motorcycle came out of another street and she __5__ stop very quickly, and she __6__ another car from behind. She banged her head on the car roof.” “__7__ her safety belt on at the time?” Jack asked. “No, she never wears one. I don’t think __8__in that car,” Jill explained. “I hope your mother __9__” said Jack. “No, thank goodness, but the doctor said she __10__ stay in hospital __11__ completely better,” explained Jill. “And so you __12__ see her now?” Jack wanted to know. “Yes,” said Jill, “every day someone goes to the hospital __13__. She’s a lot better now.” “I’m glad to hear that,” said Jack. “Anyway __14__ coffee.”

Section B–Grammar

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct

15. Where ________ yesterday
16. I’ve just finished ________ my shopping.
17. The girl ________ the bicycle is Jane.
18. He’s lived in London ________ .
19. At the post office he asked ________ .
20. The girl ________ house he visited was Elizabeth
21. I have a ________ paper in my desk
22. “Can’t you read?” Mary said ________ to the notice
23. Tom is waiting ________ the doctor.
24. I’m not sure which restaurant ________ .
25. ________ the weather was fine, I opened all the windows.
26. I’ve just seen Mary ________ the village
27. Sally didn’t put in ________ water.
28. ________ like ice-cream.
29. When you go abroad, do you ________ take your passport
30. You don’t need your hat
31. How many elephants did you see? ________ .
32. We’re going to go ________ car
33. It’s dark without the lights. Let’s ________
34. What time does the train ________ Bristol?
35. How ________ here ?
36. Everybody ________ in bed.
37. These are nice apples. How ________ in a kilo?
38. Paul’s ill, so he ________ a doctor tomorrow.
39. How ________ from Leeds to Liverpool?
40. She’s ________ singer in England
Section C–Vocabulary

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct

41. The department chairmen refused to "authorize" the requisition.
42. The notices on the wall at the airport are not "available" for the passengers' perusal
43. The driver tried to "avert" the accident by bringing the car to a sudden halt, but to no avail
44. "Avid" pop music lovers stand in lines for hours to get a ticket to a jazz concert
45. Reading daily newspapers makes us "aware" of what is going on in the world


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