Ingeteam Expands EV Charger Production in the United States Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Ingeteam Expands EV Charger Production in the United States Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Subtitle: Taking the Lead Towards a More Sustainable Future

The prestigious Spanish electrical engineering firm Ingeteam has confirmed its commitment to the electric vehicle (EV) revolution by expanding its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, manufacturing site. This strategic move is in reaction to the surge in demand for EV chargers throughout the United States, fueled by the Biden-Harris administration's ambitious plans to install 500,000 EV chargers along the nation's roadways by 2030. Ingeteam aspires to lead the charge toward a sustainable and electrified future with an innovative strategy and a $20 million investment while strengthening the American employment market by generating over one hundred new opportunities over the next five years.

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The Motive Behind the Expansion

The urgent need to fulfill the increasing demand for efficient and fast charging solutions drove Ingeteam's decision to expand its EV charger production lines. The Biden-Harris administration's ambitious ambition to construct a nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers is a massive potential for Ingeteam to contribute to the country's shift to greener transportation substantially. The development of the Milwaukee plant is a critical move towards placing Ingeteam as a significant participant in the developing EV infrastructure industry as the United States embraces the EV revolution.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Long-Term Solutions

Ingeteam's new production lines in Milwaukee use cutting-edge technology and can produce more than 13,000 units annually, including their latest invention, the DC Fast Charger RAPID 180 kW. This advanced fast-charging system raises the bar regarding speed and convenience, allowing EV drivers to swiftly recharge their cars, decreasing range anxiety, and promoting the seamless integration of electric mobility into everyday life.

A Track Record of Success in Renewable Energy

Ingeteam's entry into the EV charging industry is a logical next step for a firm with a long history of providing sustainable energy solutions. Ingeteam's entrance into the EV charging business solidifies its position as a trusted partner for sustainable energy solutions. It has previously offered over 4,000 wind turbine generators and 2.5 GW of solar and energy storage inverters to the US market. The company's vast experience in the European EV charging sector, where they have placed 35,000 EV charging plugs over the last 12 years, further validates their competence and dedication to improving e-mobility.

Empowering American Workers

Expanding Ingeteam's Milwaukee manufacturing plant is a significant step in promoting sustainable mobility. It demonstrates the company's commitment to stimulating economic development and providing employment opportunities in the United States. Ingeteam contributes to the local community while helping the nation's clean energy goals by creating over a hundred new employment over the next five years.


The commitment of Ingeteam to expanding its EV charger production lines in Milwaukee demonstrates its commitment to sustainable mobility and renewable energy solutions. With cutting-edge technology, a track record in renewable energy, and a focus on empowering the American worker, Ingeteam is well-positioned to play a crucial role in propelling the EV revolution forward. As the need for clean and efficient transportation grows, Ingeteam is poised to power the future of e-mobility in the United States and abroad.

Recommended EV Charger Models Price Table

Model Charging Speed (kW) Features Price (USD)
RAPID 180 kW 180 Ultra-fast charging with dynamic power output $3,999
FastCharge 50 kW 50 Compact design, ideal for public charging points $1,499
SmartCharge 22 kW 22 Intelligent charging, compatible with smart apps $999
HomeCharge 7.4 kW 7.4 Home charging convenience and reliability $499

Prices are subject to change and may vary depending on geographical conditions and installation needs.

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